Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Script for "Wha_ i_ I _old you a __ory in a language I _an _ear"

Title : Script for “Wha_ i_ I _old you a __ory in a language I _an _ear”
Date : 2014
Medium : Writing, drawing
Description : This is the script I used to memorize the second recital of the poem from “Wha_ i_ I _old you a __ory in a language I _an _ear”. It helped me shave off the parts of each word that I’m unable to hear, such as “s”, “th”, “f”, “ch”, “sh”, “k”, “t”, “v”. I also thought it contained a nice visual component and it helped me decide to leave these sounds out of the video’s title. 

The Body Listens

Title : The Body Listens, concept image
Date : 2015
Medium : Video Performance
Description: This is a concept image for a new video project I’d like to complete with assistance from AOV. “The Body Listens” will be composed of two large screens projecting images of different parts of my face. I often find myself staring at people’s mouths when they are speaking so that I can read their lips. On numerous occasions this has made several people uncomfortable and awkward so I’ve trained my eyes to quickly move around to different parts of a person’s face when they are talking to me. This video will focus on the movements of specific parts of my face when I am concentrating on what someone is saying. 

Element XI

Title : Element XI
Date : 2014
Medium : Acrylic and Ink on Panel, 10” x 10”
Description : This is an example of on of my recent mixed media paintings. I would like to use this style of painting to create the “amorphous animation” in the enclosed environment I propose to create if selected for AOV. Since this painting was part of a series of paintings about my relationship to my body and my senses it does contain certain elements that could be identified as “muscles” or “sound waves” or “cells”. This connection is exactly why I’m excited to use it in the work I propose to make. 

Element LVIII

Title : Element LVIII
Date: 2014
Medium : Acrylic and Ink on Panel, 12” x 24”
Description : This particular piece comes from the a show I received a MN State Arts Board Artist Initiative grant to complete entitled “Elements Unheard”. My artist statement for that body of work discusses how I am conducting a visual investigation of my senses and how my body experiences these senses. I ask “what does sound look like?” “How does it move through my body?” “How do my senses attach themselves to each other and mix up?

Mazarine Tessitura

Title : Mazarine Tessitura
Date : 2014
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas, 36” x 48”
Description : This is also a piece of artwork from my show “Elements Unheard”. I love the colors in this piece and the scale. I can’t help but relate it to my body when I stand in front of it because it is almost as large as my body. I also like the title which is a reference to the intersection of our senses as it draws from both music and color terminology.